iPad Pro Likely to Get 3D Sensing Rear Camera in 2020

2018 iPad Pro Unboxing

Earlier reports had predicted a triple rear camera unit on the upcoming iPad Pro. Now a fresh report by Korean website cites that mass production for the depth-sensing camera will begin by the end of this year.

The report by the Korean publication says that Derkwoo Electronics is involved in supplying some components for the 3D sensing camera module. To be precise, the Korean company is tasked with producing stiffeners and brackets for the camera module.

The time-of-flight sensor is expected to improve overall camera experience on the new iPad Pro and also offer new augmented reality features. In other words, the time-of-flight sensor is somewhat similar to the FaceID sensor used on Apple devices. However, by adding a 3D capability to the rear camera, the upcoming iPad Pro will be able to capture a higher-fidelity 3D photo. Time of Flight sensor works by calculating the time required for the laser beam to bounce off objects and thus maps the 3D surroundings.

Previous reports have hinted at a time-of-flight 3D sensor on 2020 iPhones. This inadvertently tells us that both iPad Pro and the iPhone are likely to come with time-of-flight 3D sensors in 2020. If the timeline is to be believed, then the iPad Pro will get the 3D sensor before the iPhone! Apple is expected to launch the iPad Pro in March 2020. However, it is quite possible that iPad Pro launch might be pushed to 2020 year-end and this way the iPhone will be the first device from Apple stable to get the 3D sensor.

[via The Elec]