Apple Sued for Selling MacBook with Alleged Battery Issues and Causing Injury in 2016

Yet another customer has filed a lawsuit against Apple. The filing to the New York Supreme Court mentions that Yoland Oyiya suffered burn injuries on her leg due to MacBook. As per the filing, the victim suffered “serious and permanent personal injuries, including but not limited to a skin burn on her left leg.” The victim claims that MacBook and its charger were at fault.

The incident happened in 2016 and it is no coincident that the lawsuit was filed exactly three years later. According to New York state law product liability is three years from the incident. In other words, a complainant needs to approach the court within three years of the incident. It is worth mentioning that Apple recently recalled 2015 15-inch MacBook Pro models for overheating and defective batteries.

Furthermore, the lawsuit requests for action against Apple since the latter sold the MacBook in defective conditions. The lawsuit also included accusations that the product posed an “unreasonable risk of harm” to consumers. Oyiya also claims to have “exercised due care” while using her MacBook. Lastly, the lawsuit asks for an undisclosed sum of money from Apple and other costs.

Our Take

Strangely enough, the exact model of MacBook is not Applmentioned in the lawsuit. Instead, the lawsuit contains a generic reference that describes the MacBook as “laptop computer and battery charging apparatus” by Apple. Perhaps the exact model will be revealed in future court filings. We have already seen MacBook Pro catching fire and burning on a table. Some users have also recorded a video of MacBook burning to ashes.

It is premature to comment on the incident. The MacBook may or may not be at fault in this case. However, the MacBook Pro battery recall is very serious and you need to check if your MacBook is affected.

[via AppleInsider]