Netflix Is Testing a New Human Curated ‘Collections’ Feature on iOS

Netflix is testing a new feature called Collections section. Netflix will rely on its team of “experts on the company’s creative teams” to curate the content. As part of the feature, you will get new sections like “Stream & Scream” and “Watch in One Weekend.” The Collections section will appear on the Netflix home screen.

The new feature will appear as a pop-up next time you open Netflix. However, the feature is not rolled out for all and currently Netflix is A/B testing. The company is testing the feature only on iOS devices so there is a good chance that the feature might already be activated on your iPhone/iPad. The Collections section will replace “My List at the top.”

Collections will display various titles under headings like Feel All the Feels, Critics Love These Movies and Netflix is a Joke. Netflix has also added a Follow button which is similar to Follow button on Spotify. Perhaps, the streaming service will alert you of new shows that you might like or new movies in your favorite niche.

Furthermore, collections are also assigned space on the main menu. As of now, there are around 40 collections and the user interface seems to be well laid out. Netflix said, “We’re always looking for new ways to connect our fans with titles we think they’ll love, so we’re testing out a new way to curate Netflix titles into collections on the Netflix iOS app.” The spokesperson added further “Our tests generally vary in how long they run for and in which countries they run in, and they may or may not become permanent features on our service.”

Netflix is apparently working on different features that would help them retain subscribers and compete with newer services. The streaming service already has a super cool What is new section and the recommendation algorithm is pretty slick too.

[via TechCrunch]