New Nike Adapt Huarache Self Lacing Shoe Supports Siri and Apple Watch

Nike’s original Huarache shoe was designed by Tinker Hatfield and released in 91’. Over the years Nike has overhauled the lineup with innovative features. The company has taken it to the next level by adding a slew of gadgetry and connectivity option to the neoprene covered Huarache lineup. Nike Adapt is an intelligent system that adapts according to usage patterns and allows you to choose from an array of preferences. The best part is that Nike Adapt connects with Siri and Apple Watch.

Nike has borrowed very little from the original Huarache shoes. However, the shoe comes with features aimed at accommodating a wide range of foot size and shapes. All one needs to do is use Nike Adapt app on the iPhone. Siri and Apple Watch support is the unique selling point of the shoe. For instance, you can simply use voice commands on Siri to toggle shoe preferences and even tie/untie laces.

Above this layer sits exposed elements of the Nike FitAdapt lacing system. The technology, which is run from a midfoot motor, is controlled by a multi-faceted Nike Adapt app. With the app, wearers of the Nike Adapt Huarache are greeted by a universal login (consistent for all Nike FitAdapt product — current and future), a themed interface specific to the Huarache and a number of preset fit recommendations for foot type and activity. The functionality of the app can also be driven by Apple Watch and Siri, two advances that support on-the-go shifts.

How about saying “Hey Siri, turn my Nike into running shoes” and watch the machinery do its magic! The lacing system on the Nike FitAdapt is run with the help of a midfoot motor which can be controlled on Nike Adapt app or Siri.

The Siri support should help you change preferences on the go without having to use the app on your iPhone. As far as pricing is concerned, the Nike Adapt Huarache retails at $349 and will be available from September 13th.

[via Nike]