Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ vs iPhone XS Max Speedtest

Galaxy Note 10 vs iPhone XS Max

The Galaxy Note 10+ is a beast of a phone packing 256GB of UFS 3.0 storage and a staggering 12GB RAM. Coupled with a Snapdragon 855/Exynos 9825 chipset, it is easily one of the most powerful Android smartphones in the market. So, how does it compare to the iPhone XS Max and its A12 Bionic chip which launched last year when it comes to performance?

As it turns out, the Galaxy Note 10+ is no match for the iPhone XS Max when it comes to launching apps. In a speed test conducted by YouTuber EverythingApplePro which involved opening a series of apps, exporting a video, and more, the Galaxy Note 10+ took 2 minutes and 49 seconds. In comparison, the A12 Bionic-powered iPhone XS Max was 37 seconds faster and took 2 minutes and 12 seconds.

It is quite ironic to see the almost 12 months old iPhone XS Max beat the Galaxy Note 10+ in app launching times. But then again, Apple’s A-series chips are at least a generation or two ahead in terms of performance compared to flagship Android chipsets.

The Note 10+ did crush the iPhone XS Max in the second round of the speedtest which involved loading apps from the RAM of the phone. The massive 12GB of RAM ensured that the Note 10+ did not unload any single app or game from its memory and took only 27 seconds in the second round. The iPhone XS Max struggled in this department and took 1 minute and 33 seconds making it noticeably slower than the Note 10+. The poor multitasking performance of the iPhone XS Max should not be surprising since it comes with a paltry 4GB RAM.

What this means is that despite the iPhone XS Max beating the Galaxy Note 10+ in the app launching round, the latter was the winner of the speedtest thanks to its better multitasking performance.

Our Take

Apple has always been stingy with the amount of RAM it ships on iPhones and iPads. While the 12GB RAM on the Note 10+ is definitely an overkill, the 4GB RAM on the iPhone XS Max is also not sufficient for heavy multitasking in this day and age. It is clear that if you are a heavy multitasker or a power user, you should consider using an Android smartphone that comes with 8/12GB RAM instead of the iPhone XS Max.