Skype for iOS and Mac Gets Message Draft, Message Bookmark, Split Window Feature

Microsoft has announced a slew of features for Skype apps on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The new features are aimed at boosting productivity and elevate user experience. The Skype update for iOS and Mac arrives with message drafts, split-screen, bookmarks, and a feature for previewing media before sending it across. Let us take a closer look at each one of these features.

Message Drafts

Any message that you typed but forgot to send will be saved in the respective chat thread and labeled with Draft tag. This feature will also help you draft messages which are to be sent later. Thankfully Skype app retains messages even when you exit app and login back again.

Message bookmarks

Starting now, you can bookmark messages on Skype. All you need to do is long-press the message and select “Add Bookmark” option. Once done the message is saved on the Bookmarks screen.

Preview media before sending

Skype will finally let you preview media and other files before sending to your contact. You can also remove or add new media directly. Also added is a new space for caption/description for the media. All said and done this feature was long due and Skype is actually late to the party.

Microsoft has also added a new feature that curates multiple photos or videos into an album. Next time you send multiple photos on Skype, the app will automatically rearrange it into a neat album while you can navigate or click on the photos.

Skype Split Window


We have all been guilty of sending message to a wrong person/group. The Skype update aims at minimizing this by opening a separate chat window for each conversation. As of now, the feature is available on all versions of Mac.

[via Skype]