Snap Announces Spectacles 3 With Dual HD Cameras, Augmented Reality Stickers, and a Steep Price Tag

Snapchat today announced Spectacles 3 with 3D cameras, a new frame, and an equally higher price tag. The new Spectacles are notably more powerful than their predecessor and the dual HD cameras make it an ideal device for AR purposes.

The Spectacles 3 feature a “strong, lightweight steel frame” with circular lenses. This time around, the Spectacles 3 has two HD cameras on either side of the frame. The included charging case can charge the Spectacles 3 up to 4 times.

Compared to the previous two Spectacles, the Spectacles 3 are not water-resistant which is a bit of a bummer.

The dual-camera setup allows Spectacles to capture depth and dimensions similar to a human eye. This setup also powers Snapchat’s new AR creative tools and stickers which can be used to further enhance one’s Snapchat stories.

The 3D photos from Spectacles 3 seem to have a similar depth effect as photos from an iPhone have when they are uploaded on Facebook.There’s also a new 3D viewer which can be used to view your own captured memories or that of your friends or family.

The Spectacles 2 was priced at $150. In comparison, the Spectacles 3 starts at $380 which is a pretty steep price, though the new features and HD cameras seem to justify that price tag to a certain extent. Snap does say that Spectacles 3 will be manufactured in limited quantities so supply might be tight initially.

Spectacles 3 will ship this fall and it is currently available for pre-order. They will be available in two colours: Carbon and Mineral.

Pre-order Spectacles 3