Spotify Now Offering Three-Month Premium Trial to New Customers

Up until now, Apple was the only company to offer a three-month trial period of its music streaming service, Apple Music. Spotify has long offered a one-month trial of its premium plan. Starting from today though, the company is now going to offer a three-month free trial to its new subscribers.

This will be in addition to the free tier that Spotify already has.

Apple Music does not have any free tier so it makes sense that Apple offers an extended trial period to its customers. It is interesting to see Spotify follow Apple in this regard despite offering a free ad-supported subscription plan. Only customers who have never tried Spotify before will be eligible for the three-month trial.

Spotify has been coming up with various marketing campaigns to help fuel its growth. At one point, it looked like Apple Music would overtake Spotify in terms of the number of paid subscribers. However, Spotify scored a huge win over Apple Music with its $0.99 Google Home mini deal that saw the service gaining almost 7 million subscribers in a span of six weeks. The company is also offering six months of premium subscription to Galaxy S10 owners in the United States for free.

Thanks to all these campaigns, Spotify has over 108  million paid subscribers which makes it notably ahead of Apple Music’s 60 million figure, though the latter does have more paid subscribers in the United States. Overall, Spotify has over 232 million subscribers worldwide.

[Via Spotify]