UBS Believes Apple is Working on a Foldable iPhone

2018 iPad Pro Unboxing

A new investor note claims that Apple is continuing its work on foldable devices. While the company is working on a foldable iPhone, it is the foldable iPad that will launch first.

While there is a possibility of Apple launching a foldable device next year, “2021 is more likely.”

The note claims that Samsung dominates the IP for folding display and technologies. Despite the hiccup with the Galaxy Fold, UBS believes Samsung will lead the adoption of foldable devices as a vendor.

There is also a higher possibility of foldable devices doing well in China first compared to other markets. Chinese smartphone users were the first to adopt smartphones with massive displays and they will likely follow suit in adopting foldable devices as well.

IHS Markit analyst Jeff Lin had also previously predicted that Apple is working on a foldable iPad with 5G support due for launch in 2020.

Our Take

Despite all the hype surrounding foldable devices, we are yet to see a single one go on sale. Huawei and Samsung were scheduled to launch their foldable smartphones in the first half of the year. However, Samsung had to cancel the Galaxy Fold launch due to reliability issues. Huawei then followed suit saying it needs more time to test the Mate X.

Since the foldable display technology is not mature and in a very fragile state right now, the chances of Apple launching any kind of foldable device in 2020 look pretty slim to me.

[Via CNBC]