watchOS 6 Confirms New Titanium and Ceramic Case Options for Apple Watch

Some UI assets found in the latest watchOS 6 beta point to Apple launching new Apple Watch models with ceramic and titanium casing.

The animations files found in watchOS 6 beta point to Apple launching the Apple Watch Series 5 in 44mm with titanium and ceramic casing. A smaller 40mm model should also be available in these new casing materials.

Apple used to sell a ceramic version of the Apple Watch until the Series 3 but never got around to launching a ceramic version for the Series 4. As for titanium, it would be a completely new casing material from Apple this time around.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is not expected to pack any major changes. We are looking at some yearly improvements including a faster and power-efficient S series chip, an improved OLED display reportedly coming from Japan Display, and that’s about it. Thus, it would make sense for Apple to offer new casing options for the Apple Watch to make up for the modest hardware upgrades this year.

Reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had also predicted that Apple would launch an Apple Watch with ceramic casing this year.

There is also a rumor of Apple just launching the new ceramic and titanium casing for the Apple Watch Series 4 and not giving its wearable lineup a yearly ‘Series’ upgrade this time around. Instead, the company could lower the prices of the existing Apple Watch Series 4 models by $50 to help attract more consumers. However, this would be very unlike Apple especially since the Wearable business is growing at a very rapid pace.

Do you think Apple will announce the Apple Watch Series 5 this year? Or will they just refresh the Series 4 lineup with new casing materials?

[Via iHelpBR]