2019 iPhone XR Passes Through Geekbench, Confirms 4GB RAM

2019 iPhone XR

The 2019 iPhone XR successor which will likely be called the iPhone 11R has made its way through Geekbench revealing some of its key specifications. Running iOS 13.1, the Geekbench listing shows the phone coming with 4GB RAM and running iOS 13.1.

Geekbench identifies the A13 chip inside the phone as a 6-core chip with a maximum clock speed of 2.66GHz. The existing A12 Bionic also has the same 6-core setup, though it runs at a slightly lower clock speed of 2.49GHz.

As for the benchmark scores, the 2019 iPhone XR managed to score 5415 and 11294 in the single-core and multi-core benchmarks. That’s not noticeably higher than the iPhone XR scores of 4796 and 11192. The higher single-core score can be attributed to the higher clock speed on the A13 chip.

There should not be any reason for one to worry about the relatively modest performance improvements that the A13 chip posts in the Geekbench benchmarks. It is possible that the device on which the test was running was thermally constrained. Or Apple could have also focused on improving the performance of the ISP, the Neural Engine, and other aspects of the chip instead of further improving its performance. After all, the A12 Bionic itself is at least a generation or two ahead in terms of performance compared to other mobile chips in the market.

While Geekbench results can be easily spoofed, that does not seem to be the case this time around. This is because the phone has been identified as model “iPhone 12,1” with a motherboard identifier of “N104AP” which matches perfectly with a report from earlier this year.

Rumors have indicated that the 2019 iPhone XR will come with 4GB RAM which should help its multi-tasking performance. The additional gig of RAM will also come in handy for image processing as the phone is expected to come with a dual-camera setup. The 2019 iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are rumored to come with 6GB RAM which should translate into even better performance on them.

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