Apple Is Helping Burberry Elevate Customers Shopping Experience with a Chat Tool

Apple has partnered with British based luxury fashion retailer Burberry to help enhance the customers shopping experience. The new service is called “R Message” and it lets sales executives directly text clients. The chat tool will let Burberry staff contact important customers and establish a communication channel. As of now the R Message app is invitation only and is rolling out for all Burberry Stores.

It is worth noting that store executives cannot contact all customers. The app only lets store executives contact their best customers directly via text. Burberry hopes that the R Message will help establish a rapport with customers and increase retention rates. According to the report, R Message will be integrated with Apple Pay. Meanwhile, the fashion retailer is already using an internal app called R World for inventory management.

Mark Morris, Burberry vice president says “You’ve got highly skilled associates who know how to serve in a luxury way, but even for a great associate, there might be 10 percent extra that you can give them by giving them the right information at the right time.” “[Customers] now know much more about what they want… and to be at that service level where you can give credible advice, you need the basics.”

Our Take

R Message is a tool that is specifically meant for Burberry. However, Apple can extend the service for other retailers and thus help enhance the customers shopping experience. In the recent past, we have seen how Apple is bolstering its services. Apple Card, iCloud, Apple Music and other services like R Message will help Apple diversify their offerings. Apple recorded a staggering $11.455 billion services revenue earlier this year and analysts predict a positive growth in the coming quarters.

[via VogueBusiness]