Report: ‘Apple Tags’ Likely to Employ Ultra-Wideband Technology for Accurate Tracking

In the last couple of weeks, we have seen numerous report about Apple’s upcoming tracker. Now one of the most trusted Apple analysts says that Apple Tags will come with Ultra-Wideband Technology. According to the report on TF International Securities, the technology on Apple Tags is likely to be superior to that on the Tile Tag. Tags are attached to stuff like keys, backpacks and more. It helps us find stuff by tracking the location of the items.

Until now Apple’s Tile like tracker has appeared on iOS 13 internal build. Apple’s new tracker is likely to be integrated into FindMy app. The company is dedicated an Items tag wherein you can view details about all the items with tags. Kuo has also suggested that all three new iPhones will support ultra-wideband and thus the new devices will support Apple Tags.

What is Ultra-Wideband?

Ultra-wideband is a radio system that is used to accurately measure the distance between devices. The technology is mostly used in the Internet of Things. The Ultra-wideband is said to have many advantages over Bluetooth tracking and the most important is a high level of accuracy. Typically location tracking Bluetooth devices measure signal strength and gauge the distance between two devices. However, the signal is not the best indicator of distance.

Location tracking via ultra-wideband is designed to address the problem detailed above. The standard uses radio waves with short impulse transmissions and the sharp rises and drops can be measured. With the help of this, the distance between Ultra-Wideband devices can be measured by correlating with the time taken for a radio wave to pass between the devices.

Our Take

That being said, we are not sure whether Apple’s new tracker will depend only on ultra-wideband or will also offer Bluetooth and WiFi. The tags will be compatible with only the latest iPhones if it depends on ultra-wideband, however, if Apple decides to offer Bluetooth/WiFi then it will be compatible with all iPhones/iPads.