Apple Rumoured to Launch New Apple TV with A12 Chip Next Week

Apple is all set to pull the wraps from new iPhones and Apple Watch a week from now. The company’s annual event will be at the Steve Jobs Theatre. A new rumor is pointing at the launch of a new Apple TV and “one more thing.”

Twitter user @never_realeased has shared some info and claims that an Apple TV refresh is upcoming. The Twitter account has a decent track record when it comes to revealing codenames and details about unreleased Apple devices. This time around it claims that Apple is going to launch Apple TV11 and the device is currently codenamed as J305.

The folks at MacRumours have confirmed that the AppleTV11 and the J305 model number appeared within strings and plist files on an internal build of iOS 13. However, the mere mention of a model name on the internal build doesn’t mean it will be released soon. Furthermore, the Tweet went on to say that Apple TV will be powered by A12 chip and is expected to be beneficial for Apple Arcade gaming feature. However, it is not clear whether the new Apple TV will be powered by A12 or A12X chip. The latest Apple TV 4K shares the A10X chip with 2017 iPad Pro.

It would be perfectly reasonable to expect Apple to launch a new TV next week. Historically the company has refreshed Apple TV once every two years. The latest Apple TV 4K was launched in 2017 and going by this new Apple TV for 2019 makes sense. On a related note, Apple has revamped Apple TV app and is making use of a machine learning initiative that is aimed at offering customized recommendations.

[via MacRumours]