Apple Watch Series 5 (40mm) Teardown Reveals New Metal Casing for Battery, and Much More

Apple Watch 5 44mm teardown revealed a marginal increase in battery capacity, redesigned connectors and a better look at the new display. iFixit has now published the Apple Watch Series 5 teardown and the device does feature some big changes as opposed to its predecessor.

iFixit has unearthed that the 40mm Apple Watch 5 features a new battery design which might decide the future course of batteries on Apple device. The battery comes with a metal casing as opposed to an outer foil pouch. Apple is likely to save space and cram in more battery capacity without increasing the size. Apparently, the foil pouch comes with a larger seal while the metal casing makes the battery more compact. Furthermore, the metal case also makes the battery much stronger and reduces the chances of being punctured while repairing.

This new metal casing seems to be a more space-efficient method for sealing up batteries. In the Apple Watch Series 5, the overall size of the battery compartment doesn’t look like it changed much, if at all

the metal casing makes the battery physically stronger. This is fantastic for repair purposes since it’s all too easy to puncture a lithium-ion battery during repairs. The outer metal shell should allow device owners to pry out the battery without risking damage to the internals, reducing the associated fire hazard.

Our Take

Apple has already filed for a patent wherein it uses a metal casing for a battery. iFixit believes that the company has put the patent to use in the Apple Watch Series 5. It is also quite likely that Apple wants to use the case to secure the battery in place with screws and ditch the external brackets. With such an arrangement, the battery would fit snug and Apple will save space by not using a metal bracket.