Apple Watch 5 Teardown Reveals Marginal Increase in Battery, S5 Processor, Redesigned Connectors

Teardowns are one of the best ways to understand device specifications and deep dive into the hardware arrangement. Typically Apple doesn’t reveal all the specifications during the launch and this is where teardowns come to the rescue. After iPhone 11 and 11 Pro teardowns, the iFixit team is back with an Apple Watch 5 teardown.

The teardown reveals minor changes on the latest Apple Watch. Firstly, the Apple Watch 5 Battery is only 1.4 percent larger than its predecessor. This is surprising since the new Apple Watch features always on-display. iFixit attributes the battery life to advanced display driver (LPTO) technology and the new chipset that it better at power management. Furthermore, the ambient light sensor is embedded under the OLED panel and contributes towards increasing overall efficiency.

Under the hood, the Apple Watch 5 comes powered by a new S5 system-on-chip. Storage is doubled and the watch also features a new compass. That apart the CPU architecture and GPU specifics are borrowed from S4 chip. Meanwhile, the Taptic engine, display, and battery feature redesigned connectors and the parts are not interchangeable with Apple Watch 4.

Apple boasts of using 100% recycled aluminum, however, iFixit points out that most of the world’s aluminum is recycled and cheaper than the freshly mined ones. The $399 Apple Watch 5 earns an iFixit repairability score of 6 out of 10 (10 is the easiest to repair.) Are you planning to upgrade to the latest Apple Watch 5? Let us know in the comments below.

[via iFixit]