Apple Watch Is Steve Wozniak’s ‘Favorite Piece of Technology in the World’ Right Now

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak while speaking to Bloomberg Television called the Apple Watch as his “favorite piece of technology in the world right now.” However, the reason Wozniak likes the Apple Watch is not because of the wearable’s focus on health.

Instead, he likes the wearable because it reduces his reliance on the iPhone. While the Apple co-founder uses his computer to check on his emails and follow the news, he switches to the Apple Watch for these tasks when on the go.

He puts all his tickets on the Apple Watch so that he does not have to take out his iPhone for every little thing. He also praised Apple Pay on the Apple Watch as it makes paying for purchases in retail shops extremely easy.

Wozniak says he typically uses his computer when he’s checking email or keeping up with the news and uses the watch when he’s on the go. “And then I move to the watch and pretty much skip the phone,” he said. “I’m not one of these people that wants to be like an addict.”

In the interview, Wozniak also talks about Apple’s new focus towards Services. As sales of iPhones slow down, Apple is slowly trying to pivot into a Services company. It has already launched Apple News+ and Apple Card this year, with Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ yet to launch.

He stressed Apple’s focus on privacy which makes it stand out compared to other companies in the market. Wozniak also praised the Apple Card for its look saying its design is typical of Apple products.

On a side note, the interviewer refers to the Apple Watch as the iWatch while talking to Wozniak. Yep, the iWatch!

[Via Bloomberg Television]