Apple Working on Low-light Mode for iPhone’s Camera App, Schooltime Mode for Apple Watch

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Apart from sleep tracking, Apple is also working on a Schooltime mode for the Apple Watch. The feature is aimed at students so that they can focus on their studies during school time by blocking out apps, notifications, and more on the wearable.

With the Schooltime feature enabled, students will only have access to the health, emergency calls, and alerts feature on their Apple Watch. Just like Do Not Disturb, students can set up a schedule so that Schooltime is automatically enabled on their wearable.

Additionally, Apple is also working on new complications for Altitude, Latitude, Longitude, and Sleep. As detailed earlier today, the company is working on sleep tracking for the Apple Watch which will have its own dedicated app and provide users with reminders about going to bed or charging their watch before they sleep. When this feature is released, Apple will also release a watch face to go along with it.

The code in the internal build of iOS 13 also points to Apple working on a low-light mode for the Camera app. This is something that the iPhone sorely needs, though it remains to be seen if this feature will make its way to older iPhones or not. It also suggests a new Tournaments feature in Game Center for multiplayer gaming.

Apple will likely unveil all these features as a part of watchOS 6 and iOS 13 when it announces its public release date next week alongside the new iPhone 11 series.

Our Take

I am really looking forward to the new low-light mode in the Camera app. The iPhone is notably behind its competition in the low-light imaging segment and it would be interesting to see if Apple’s Night mode is better than the competition or not.

As for sleep tracking on the Apple Watch, while it is a much-needed feature, it remains to be seen if Apple will be bringing it to older Apple Watch models or just keep it exclusive to the Series 5.

[Via MacRumors]