Halide Update Adds Tactile Lens Switcher, Lens Guides, More for iPhone 11 and 11 Pro

Halide, a popular iPhone camera app is updated with new features. The Halide 1.14 update aims at bringing out the best in iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. The update bundles in features like tactile Lens Switcher, Smart Raw Mode and Lens Guides.

We released a small lightning update on iPhone 11 launch day with basic support for the new cameras. Now we’re ready to release our big update.We engineered new features that take advantage of the powerful new hardware in the latest and greatest iPhones.-Halide

Halide Tactile Lens Switcher

Halide used to offer a simple toggle for switching between wide-angle and telephoto camera on previous iPhones. However, the app is now redesigned to accommodate the triple rear camera setup on iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. With this update in place you can simply cycle through 1x, 2x, and 0.5x sizes. You can also long-press the lens button to access lens switcher.

The expansion and selection of lenses work progressively and smoothly, always tracking your finger even if you change your mind halfway through. If your finger starts to overlap the lens choice, it even moves up and out a bit to make sure you can see what’s going on.

Halide Lens Guides

Lens Guides is yet another major feature that allows you to better compose shits. The iPhone 11 Pro exclusive feature lets you compare the shots on different lenses and also offers feedback if different lenses suit better.

The Lens Guides overlays in the viewfinder without interrupting your viewing and composing experience. When you are ready to commit to a lens, just let go and Halide will rapidly switch to that lens and let you take the shot.

Halide Smart RAW Feature

The Smart RAW feature is meant for iPhone 11 and is designed to offer RAW shots with less noise. The app achieves this by tuning their exposure engine.

The iPhone XS first introduced RAW files that are significantly different-looking than their JPG / HEIC counterparts. While this version of Halide introduces some logic to ensure they are exposed for minimal noise, you should be aware that we’re just getting started with optimizing Halide’s RAW capture for these brand-new phones and sensors.

[via Halide]