Internal iOS 13 Build Indicates Apple Continuing Work on AR Headset

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Code found in an internal build of iOS 13 points to Apple continuing work on its AR headset. Rumors have pointed to Apple releasing its AR headset in 2020, though the most recent one from DigiTimes claimed that the project was terminated.

As per MacRumors, which saw some documentation of an internal iOS 13 build, Apple is working on its AR headset. The internal iOS 13 build contains an app called “STARTester” which can switch in and out of a head-mounted mode. The code points to two different head-mounted states: “worn” and “held.”

Another internal readme file in iOS 13 describes a system shell “StarBoard” for use in stereo AR-enabled apps. The AR headset is referenced to as “Garta” in the code. Apple is possibly working on multiple AR headset prototypes under the previously leaked “T288” codename. There are a number of other internal files that reference the AR headset.

If previous rumors and reports are believed, Apple is working on a standalone AR/VR headset that will run on ‘rOS’ which stands for Reality OS. The OS is reportedly based on iOS itself but optimized for AR/VR tasks. Apple is looking to ready the headset by the end of 2019 so that it could launch to consumers by early 2020. The headset will run on a custom-designed chip from Apple, though the first version is still expected to heavily rely on the iPhone due to power and efficiency constraints.

Apple has been heavily betting on AR/VR and has made steady improvements to ARKit since it first launched it as a part of iOS 11. Tim Cook believes that AR is the next big thing and has reportedly highlighted its benefits in various interviews.

Are you looking forward to Apple’s AR headset? Or do you think AR is overhyped?

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