iOS 13.1 Restricts Fast Charging to 5W for Multiple Wireless Charger

Wireless charging capability debuted with iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X in 2017. As expected the latest iPhones support wireless charging. Chargerlabs has conducted some tests to gauge the performance of wireless charging on the iPhone 11 series. Tests have also revealed that fast charging support to multiple wireless chargers has been removed on iOS 13.1.

The tests were conducted on the iPhone 11 series and multiple wireless chargers of different brands were used. As part of the tests, it was found out that the new iPhone 11 series is capable of holding 10W wireless charging for almost 1 hour and 40 minutes. The charging output immediately reached 10W once the phone was switched on. In any case, 7.5W was the power received on the phone’s end. All the tests were conducted on iPhone 11 series running iOS 13.

In the second phase of wireless charging tests, things started looking bleak for the new iPhones. This time around the test was conducted on iPhone 11 series running iOS 13.1. The output power dropped to 6-7w during the test while the power received at the phone’s end dropped drastically to 5W. In other words, the wireless charging speed dropped by nearly 70% on iOS 13.1 as opposed to iOS 13.

Furthermore, the wireless charging tests also revealed that multiple wireless charging pads which earlier supported 7.5W could now charge the iPhone 11 at 5W. However, charging speed didn’t drop in wireless pads like Belkin, Anker, Native Union, Logitech. It is worth noting that all the wireless charging pads are available on Apple Store. We are not sure if Apple is throttling the charging speed on some wireless pads.

Apparently Apple has baked in a new feature on iOS 13.1 which allows 7.5W charging only for pads with fixed-frequency regulation while the rest will be restricted to 5W charging.

[via Chargerlabs]