iOS 13 vs iOS 12 vs iOS 11 Speed Test: Find out if iOS 13 Is Faster or Not

Apple will release the first public build of iOS 13 to the public later this week. However, the company released the Golden Master build of the OS to beta testers last week itself. With iOS 13 now ready for release, it will be interesting to see just how fast it is compared to the last stable release of iOS 12 and iOS 11.

All the speeds tests by YouTuber iAppleBytes were run on the iPhone 6s so as to show just how much iOS 13 impacts the performance of an older iPhone.

When running iOS 13, the iPhone 6s booted faster and also launched certain apps faster than it did while running iOS 12.4.1. Apps that were updated to take advantage of the new 2x faster app launch times in iOS 13 are the ones that launched faster on the iPhone 6s.

As more apps are updated for iOS 13, we should see many popular apps open faster on iPhones running iOS 13. While the difference might not be 2x as claimed by Apple, it is still pretty substantial.

We see a similar story play out with the performance of the iPhone 6s running iOS 13 compared to iOS 11.4.1. In this case as well, the performance was either the same or iOS 13 was slightly faster. This time around too, apps that were updated for iOS 13 launched faster due to the underlying optimizations from Apple.

Apple seems to have done a commendable job with iOS 13 in ensuring that it does not slow down older iPhones whilst also adding a bunch of new features to them. Last year’s iOS 12 was a performance-focused update and did not introduce any major new feature. This time around though, Apple has not only added tons of new features to iPhones with iOS 13 but by reducing app launch times, it is ensuring that users get a feeling of the phone feeling faster post the update.