iPhone 11 Event: 7 Announcements That Apple Is Expected to Make

iPhone 11 event

The iPhone 11 launch season is upon us! Apple has already sent out media invites for the iPhone 11 ‘By Innovation Only’ press event on September 10. While the new iPhones are going to steal all the limelight at the event, there are plenty of other things that we expect Apple to talk about at the event.

Apple has a number of services due for launch and the company is likely to talk about them. Apart from the iPhones, we will also see the company release a couple of other new hardware products. Below is a roundup of everything that we expect Apple to announce at the iPhone 11 ‘By Innovation Only’ event.

iPhone 11 2019 Event: What to Expect

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11R

The limelight of Apple’s ‘By Innovation Only’ event is going to be the iPhone 11 series and the 2019 iPhone 11R. The iPhone 11 series will replace the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max while the iPhone 11R will be the successor to the iPhone XR. Apple is going to make some design tweaks and under the hood improvements to the entire iPhone lineup. It is also focusing on improving their camera performance by a notable margin this time around.

The new iPhones are rumored to come with a frosted glass panel and a matte finish. Despite retaining the same design language as the iPhone X/XS series, this change should help give the 2019 iPhones a fresh new look and feel. The rear panel is also expected to be a single slab of glass that will also cover the squarish camera bump. On the iPhone 11 series, the camera hump will pack a triple-camera system which includes a new 12MP ultra-wide angle sensor. The iPhone 11R will get an upgrade to a dual-camera setup which includes a telephoto sensor.

The TrueDepth camera system at the front is also expected to get an upgrade and gain slow-mo video recording capabilities. Other upgrades the iPhone 11 series is expected to pack include a faster A13 chip, bigger batteries, reverse wireless charging, and more.

Read about all the confirmed iPhone 11 features as per leaks over here.

Apple Watch Series 5

There has not been a lot of leaks surrounding the Apple Watch Series 5 this year. The wearable got a major overhaul last year so it is understandable that this year the changes are only going to be incremental in nature. So far, leaks only point to the Apple Watch coming in new ceramic and titanium casing. It is likely the internals will also get an update for even better performance.

The Apple Watch Series 5 could possibly come with sleep tracking, advanced battery management, and more as detailed in a leak from earlier this week. This could help Apple distinguish the Apple Watch Series 5 from the older models.

Apple TV+

Apple announced Apple TV+ back in March this year. However, since then, the company has barely provided any detail about its streaming service. Key details about the service like its pricing and availability are still unknown, with Apple only highlighting some of the original content that would be making its way to the platform.

There is a risk of Apple TV+ launch getting overshadowed by Disney+. The streaming service from Disney will launch on November 12 and Disney has already revealed all key details about the service including its content library, pricing, supported platforms, and more. The iPhone 11 event will be Apple’s last chance to ensure that Apple TV+ does not end up being a damp squib whenever it launches.

Apple Arcade

Another service that Apple announced at its ‘Its Showtime’ event in March this year. Since then, the company has not provided any details about Apple Arcade whatsoever. Apple likely intends to launch Apple Arcade alongside the new iPhones and iOS 13. So, we should hear more about Apple Arcade, its pricing, and its gaming library during the event.

New Apple TV

Apple is also expected to announce a new A12-powered Apple TV at the event as well. The new powerful Apple TV will go well with the launch of Apple Arcade which is also expected to go live soon after the event.

Apple TV 4K

One More Thing

Yep, there’s going to be a ‘one more thing’ this time around. It is unclear what surprise Apple has in store for us but it is possible the company could unveil its Tile-like tracker. Or maybe it will showcase its AR glasses.

In this day and age where everything is usually leaked before a major tech event, it will be refreshing to see what surprise announcement Apple has in store for us.

16-inch MacBook Pro and 10.2-inch iPad?

It is no secret that Apple is working on a 16-inch MacBook Pro with slimmer bezels and a 10.2-inch iPad. The former will likely replace the 15-inch MacBook Pro, and it is rumored to come with a new scissor-type keyboard and a starting price tag of $3000. As for the 10.2-inch iPad, Apple will likely replace the 9.7-inch iPad with it.

Apple has usually launched its new MacBook Pro and iPad models at a separate event in October and that is likely going to the case this time around.

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