iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max Hands-On Roundup

Soon after Apple unveiled the iPhone 11 Pro series, it opened the hands-on area at the Steve Jobs theater open to media. Since then, a number of publications have published their first thoughts and experiences with the iPhone 11 Pro series. Below is a quick roundup of them all.

The iPhone 11 Pro series is all about their camera, improved display, and new design. Here’s what all major tech publications thought about the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max after playing with them at the hands-on area.

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Hands-On Roundup

The Verge

From the outside, the phones look and feel slightly better than the iPhone XS, though quite a lot of that is the matte finish on the back, which I really prefer (though sometimes matte glass can be more slippy than glossy). Apple says the glass is more durable, and I really do like how it is one piece, with no seam on the camera bump.

So let’s talk about the camera bump: it’s big. But Apple has designed the lenses on it in such a way that it isn’t trying to hide the giant square on the back. I don’t love it, but everybody uses a case anyway, so that will help.


After years of fumbling slippery, slick glass iPhones, the matte finish Apple used for the Pros seem like a somewhat helpful touch. (More than anything, though, they just feel good.) The new green finish is a nice touch too, though it’s so muted it hardly really counts as “green.” Still, after years of expensive iPhones that largely came in the same colors, I’m pleased Apple decided to mix it up a just a little. Can we do better than earth tones next time, though?

Even after just a bit of hands-on time, the iPhone Pro’s three main cameras seem like a big improvement over what we got in previous models. That’s mostly because of the extra flexibility this new wide-angle cameras — these are pretty commonplace in higher-end Android devices, and Apple finally decided to embrace the change. We obviously couldn’t pull any sample photos off the iPhone Pros, but Apple’s interface work here is impressive; when you’re shooting with the standard wide camera, you see that your field of view actually extends behind the settings and camera controls, to signify you can see more than what you currently can. And while I was using the on-screen dial to finely set my focal length, I didn’t notice any shuttering as I switched between cameras.


The two iPhone 11 Pro phones get a new matte finish and steel case that look stunning, and feel dense. Maybe you think of that as gravitas. We think it’s a bit hefty. Photos don’t do the midnight green shade justice. Chalk us up as fans. We’re not sure the surcharge from regular iPhone 11 to 11 Pro is worth it for the finish alone, but having that telephoto lens does help round out the feature set.

Swapping among the three camera lenses on the Pro and Pro Max feels seamless, and a new “Haptic Touch” feedback that Apple’s using instead of 3D Touch is pretty easy to invoke on the sharp new display — just hold down your finger.

Below are some hands-on videos of the iPhone 11 Pro series from some notable YouTubers.

What are your thoughts on the iPhone 11 Pro series? Does the triple-camera system and the long battery life on these handsets tempt you to upgrade to them?