iPhone 11 Pro Could Have More Than 4GB RAM; Apple Watch Series 5 S5 Chip Same as Series 4

When Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 5 last week, it did not talk much about its new S5 chipset and only highlighted the inclusion of Always-On Display and Compass on it. As it turns out, that’s because the new S5 chip inside the wearable is the same one as the S4 chip inside the Apple Watch Series 4.

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith says that as per Xcode, the Apple Watch Series 5 has the same generation CPU and GPU like the Apple Watch Series 4. It seems the only internal improvements to the Apple Watch Series 5 this time around include a bump in storage to 32GB — up from 16GB on the Apple Watch Series 4 — and inclusion of a gyroscope.

The S4 chip from Apple which debuted on the Apple Watch Series 4 is still a very powerful chip. Its a dual-core chip based on the 7nm fabrication process which packs more than enough grunt to run watchOS.

Apple Watch Series 4 owners will be glad to know that the Series 5 uses the same processor as this means the watchOS 6 update is going to run similarly on both wearables.

Xcode also confirms that the $329 10.2-inch iPad which Apple debuted at its iPhone event last week comes with 3GB RAM. That’s a gig more than the 2017 9.7-inch iPad which it replaced.

The developer also said in a tweet that Xcode lists all three iPhone 11 models as having 4GB RAM and not 6GB. However, he later backtracked saying he has heard conflicting reports and that 4GB of RAM is accessible to the system. What this means is that Apple could have shipped the iPhone 11 Pro series with 6GB RAM but out of that, it has only made 4GB RAM available to the system and kept 2GB reserved for the camera.