iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro May Have Shipped with Reverse Wireless Charging Hardware; Feature Disabled in iOS

iPhone 11 Pro Space Gray

Right up until the iPhone 11 was going to be announced, it was rumored to ship with reverse wireless charging. However, just a few days before the launch, a report detailed that Apple had shelved the feature due to efficiency concerns.

Now, reputed leaker Sonny Dickson says that while Apple might not have formally announced reverse wireless charging feature for the iPhone 11 Pro series, the required hardware is still present inside these phones. The feature has been disabled by Apple on a software level.

Reverse wireless charging has already become commonplace in many flagship Android devices like the Galaxy S10 series, Galaxy Note 10 series, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, and the P30. While impractical to charge other smartphones, reverse wireless charging can be used to charge other smartphone accessories including wireless buds like the AirPods or Galaxy Buds and smartwatches like the Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch.

We had heard rumors of Apple launching the iPhone 11 with bigger batteries to accommodate the reverse wireless charging feature.  Given that the new iPhones do indeed ship with noticeably bigger batteries than their predecessor, it is possible that the wireless charging hardware is also present inside these phones.

Even if that is the case though, it is unlikely that Apple will enable reverse wireless charging feature on the iPhone 11 Pro via a future software update. The company had to shelve the feature at the last minute due to efficiency concerns and a software update is unlikely to work around this problem.