iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Will Show a Warning if Non-Genuine Display Is Used for Repair

Display Verify Warning

Apple will display a warning on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro running iOS 13.1 if it detects that these phones are not using a genuine Apple display. The warning will be displayed on the lock screen for about four days.

After that, the warning will show in the Settings app for 15 days before its moved under Settings -> General -> About. On the positive side, the warning does not affect the functionality of the iPhone in any way except for True Tone not working bu that has been happening since 2016.

As iFixit points out, the warning message will show even if you swap a genuine Apple display from one iPhone to another. Apple seems to be cryptographically pairing the display to the iPhone it ships on. The only way to avoid this warning is to get the display installed by a certified Apple technician who will use software verification tools to re-pair the display.

Apple seems to have added this warning message with the recent iOS 13.1 update as they were not present in iOS 13.0 or iOS 13.1 beta.

We’ve tested this with genuine parts on iPhone 11 models. The warnings were not present in iOS 13.0 or the beta for iOS 13.1, but they show up when you change out screens with the final version of 13.1 installed. We used screens from the same models of iPhone 11, just days old, but without the software verification tools available to Apple-certified technicians, our units had warnings about a “genuine Apple display.”

We even swapped the Face ID hardware from an iPhone’s original display to the replacement, hoping that would convince the phone that it still had its original screen, but the screen warning remained. It seems that Apple cryptographically pairs each screen to the iPhone it ships on.

There is a positive outcome to this move from Apple though. By showing this warning, Apple will effectively hamper the circulation of low-quality displays and displays from stolen iPhones in the repair market. But this does mean that even independent repair shops will have to source their display repair units from Apple as otherwise all iPhones they repair will show this warning message.

[Via iFixit]