Lost AirPods Are Becoming a Problem for New York City’s Subway

More than anything else, the AirPods are known for their convenience factor. It is with equal ease though that one can lose them since they don’t particularly grip properly to one’s ears. Lost AirPods have become such a headache that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the New York City subway is considering making a public service announcement to refrain passengers from taking their AirPods on/off while entering or exiting trains.

Since the AirPods are so tiny, they usually slip off one’s ears and fall in the gap between the train and the platform and onto the subway tracks.

The maintenance crew of the New York subway uses a pole that extends to about 8 feet in light and has two rubber cups on one end that squeeze together to grab small objects. Its referred to as the “picker-upper thing” by Steven Dluginski, an MTA maintenance supervisor.

He notes that since Apple launched the new AirPods in March, the number of AirPods rescue missions the maintenance crew has had to make has also increased dramatically. He adds that this summer has been the worst, with the heat and humidity on subway platforms making it easier for AirPods to slip from the sweaty hands and ears of its wearer.

Around noon on a recent Thursday, Mr. Dluginski’s team had received 18 requests to fetch lost items. Six were for AirPods. “It’s job security, as far as we’re concerned,” the maintenance boss said.

The article from WSJ shares similar such incidents from AirPods users while they on a flight. The popularity of AirPods means that the number of people losing them has only gone up over the years. Known Apple analyst Gene Munster claims to have lost 10 pair of AirPods so far.

Getting a replacement AirPod can be an expensive process which is why many people go to great lengths to recover them. When Terri Gerstein’s AirPods fell in a Brooklyn sidewalk grate, she used a broom and duct tape to retrieve it.

Apple charges $69 for one single replacement AirPod, while a new one retails for $129. No wonder then that many people are ready to take things in their own hands to recover their fallen AirPod instead of buying a new one.

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