Report: Samsung Is Prepping a Thinner Clamshell Styled Foldable Phone for Next Year

It is no secret that the smartphone industry has peaked out and is currently battling saturation. Unlike before, smartphone companies are not coming up with disruptive features and demand in countries like China has slumped. Earlier this year, Samsung unveiled Galaxy Fold, its first foldable smartphone. A new report claims that Samsung is prepping a second foldable device next year.

The device in question will come equipped with a 6.7-inch display and will fold into a square. Sources say that the device bends inwards, similar to clamshell phones. Furthermore, Samsung is also expected to make the foldable device thinner and more affordable. The success/failure of Samsung Galaxy Fold will decide the future of Samsung’s second foldable smartphone.

Interestingly, the Korean company has partnered with designer Thom Browne for the upcoming foldable phone. The company wants to cater to the style sensitive and luxury audience who look beyond device specifications. That being said, the foldable display will still offer a reason for techies to flaunt the device.

The new foldable phone will incorporate a punch-hole selfie camera on the front just like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. On the imaging front, it will offer two rear-facing cameras which double up as front-facing camera when the phone is open. It is to be seen whether people will welcome a clamshell foldable phone or not.

Our Take

When it comes to Galaxy Fold, Samsung sure did have a bumpy ride so far. The initial batch of review devices was plagued with issues and a crucial design defect that caused the screen to fail. The problems are not unique for Samsung, even Huawei had to delay its Mate X owing to shortcomings. Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Fold this year and it will be interesting to see whether Samsung can help foldable displays go mainstream.

[via Bloomberg]