The Following Table Lists Apple Arcade Games by Genre, Multiplayer Support, Controller Support

Just yesterday Apple published a list of games that will be available with the launch of Apple Arcade. The Apple Arcade service looks promising with 100 exclusive games being offered at just $4.99 for the entire family. Even the Apple Arcade Hands-On has been mostly positive. A Reddit user has now shared a full list of games that will debut with Apple Arcade.

The Redditor has shared an AirTable which lists the Apple Arcade games according to Name, Age Rating, Category, Size, Release Date, and Language. Furthermore, the table also mentions whether or not the games support local multiplayer and game controllers. At the time of launch, 28 games will support third party controllers and only 10 Apple Arcade games support multiplayer. Currently, Apple is offering more than 50 games and the list is expected to grow.

All Apple Arcade games will be stripped from ads and in-app purchases. Most importantly you can access Apple Arcade games on all Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Furthermore, Apple Arcade supports family sharing with up to six members and all the games can be played offline.

Our Take

Apple Arcade is set to be launched on September 19th. Apple Arcade subscription seems like a value for money subscription. Apple Arcade is definitely a steal at just $5 for the entire family. The Arcade subscription offers games that are highly-priced on other platforms. Apple Arcade subscription seems like a value for money subscription. Moreover, the service is exclusive to Apple devices and in the future, it might convince Android users to switch to Apple

We are also not sure about how Apple will maintain the exclusivity tag for Arcade games. Typically developers prefer releasing their games for multiple platforms and Apple is likely to have a hard time keeping the games exclusive to Arcade

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