Amazon Introduces News App on Fire TV and Fire Tablets

Cutting cords is easier said than done. Amazon has launched a new news app that curates articles based on your interest. In other words, the app will help you save time and focus on the type of news that means the most for you.

Amazon News app will let you choose the provider and category of news. For instance, you can choose from several major media outlets like Al Jazeera, AOL News, Bloomberg, CBS News, Huffington Post, Yahoo and more. After setting up your preferences you can just say “Alexa, play the news” and Fire TV will play a customized set of news clips based on your preferences. In order to catch up with breaking news, you can simply browse trending news. Amazon says that more content providers will soon onboard the platform.

Let us talk a bit about the controls. The News app lets you see what is next and you can also choose to skip. You can control the app via various ways including the Echo device, remote or Fire TV Cube. The News app is rolling out for Fire TV users in the U.S. However, the rollout might take a couple of weeks.

Amazon is looking to make the News app available on Fire tablets. It is worth mentioning that TV and tablet versions will sync content and other preferences.

Our Take

Cord Cutters are viewers who move away from traditional TV viewing and prefer subscribing to Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, and others. In the last two quarters of 2018, nearly 1.1 million subscribers abandoned traditional satellite in favor of online streaming. Apps like Amazon News will further help cord-cutters move to stream platforms and only watch the content that interests them.

[via Amazon]