Apple Arcade’s Latest Games Includes Ballistic Baseball, Manifold Garden, PAC-MAN Party Royale

Apple Arcade gaming service has been getting a lot of attention since its release. The gaming service offers 100 exclusive titles that will run on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. As promised, Apple has added new games to Arcade.

The latest addition to Apple Arcade includes Ballistic Baseball, Manifold Garden, PAC-MAN Party Royale and Things that Go Bump.

“Ballistic Baseball” from Gameloft, is an action-packed arcade baseball game that captures the intense battle between pitcher and batter in live head-to-head multiplayer matches”

“PAC-MAN PARTY ROYALE” from Bandai Namco, is a brand-new arcade experience featuring a four-player Battle Mode where the last PAC-MAN standing wins”

Manifold Garden is a game that requires users to solve the puzzle by manipulating gravity. The rule makes use of a color system. For instance, if you are on a red block and trying to hit a red switch then you are allowed to manipulate red color blocks. To navigate through the game you need to create steps and shelves. Things That Go Bump is a horror game that supports a controller. As a player, you will encounter spirits at night and are required to combine various objects in order to create new characters.

We have listed all the new Apple Arcade games above. You can also head over to “See All Games” tab in the App Store. We also have a table that lists all the Apple Arcade games alongside other details like Controller support. Apple has priced the Arcade at $4.99/month and supports family sharing.