Apple Arcade Gets New Games, List Includes Fallen Knight, Tales of Memo, Hogwash, More

Apple ArcadeAs promised Apple is promptly adding new games to Apple Arcade. The $4.99/month subscription now gets five new games including Fallen Knight, Yaga, Lifelike, Hogwash, and Tales of Memo. All the games are available on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and later will arrive on Mac.

Fallen Knight

In this action-performer, you are a knight who follows one of the knights of the round table. He is relentlessly fighting to save the city from a terrorist organization. Interestingly the game has multiple endings which are decided by your choice of gameplay. Lastly Fallen Knight offers six stages.


Yaga is an RPG where you play an unlucky blacksmith. The gameplay is based on Slavic folklore and also bakes in some Pagan beleifs. Ivan is assigned tasks from a czar and the tasks need to be completed under the watchful eyes of a witch.


Lifelike is almost like a meditative game. The gameplay is focussed on helping soothe your nerves while playing with amoebic creatures and interactions that are hypnotic in nature. The game seems perfect for relieving stress and rejuvenating.


Hogwash is a game that involves running a day to day operations of a pig farm. Needless to say, you need to manage the pigs and stop them from creating havoc. The game supports multiplayer mode and the timer helps decide who wins.

Tales of Memo

Tales of Memo is a digital adaptation of classic memory based card game. You can proceed to the next levels by solving puzzles and defeating your enemies. The gameplay is centered around a character called Memo and his quest to save his home.

Apple Arcade gaming service has been getting a lot of attention since its release. The gaming service offers 100 exclusive titles that will run on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. As promised, Apple has added new games to Arcade.

[via CNET]