Apple Delays iCloud Drive Folder Sharing to Spring 2020

iOS 11 Share iCloud Drive Files

Apple has quietly pushed back the date of iCloud Drive Folder Sharing feature in macOS Catalina to spring 2020. The feature was initially expected to launch “later this fall.”

iCloud Folder Sharing would have turned iCloud into a Dropbox-like service. Users could easily share files on their iCloud Drive with others using a private link. Users will also be able to keep track of changes made in the folder and add new files to it as well once they accessed the link.

While it is possible to privately share files in iCloud Drive, it is limited to files and does not include folders which makes it less useful.

iCloud Drive folder sharing was present in the early beta builds of iOS 13 before Apple removed it. Since then, the company has not talked about the feature except for mentioning on the macOS Catalina page that it would release later this fall. Overnight though, the company has updated the text to reflect that the feature will launch ‘this spring.’ The move comes less than 24 hours after Apple released macOS Catalina to the public.

The iOS 13 features page still lists the feature as coming this fall, though that is unlikely to happen since iCloud Drive folder sharing feature will go live on both macOS and iOS at the same time.

Many users would be able to transition to iCloud Drive for file sharing and storing purposes once the folder sharing feature goes live. Right now, most people rely on Dropbox or Google Drive for their cloud storage needs as iCloud Drive pales in front of them in terms of features.