Apple Increases iPhone 11 Component Orders, Reduces Them for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple has increased the component orders for the iPhone 11 following strong demand while at the same time reducing the order for the iPhone 11 Pro Max due to flat sales.

As per sources, Apple has increased the component orders for the iPhone 11 by 15% and reduced those for the iPhone 11 Pro Max by 5%.

The report comes from DigiTimes which has a flaky record when it comes to Apple rumors. However, we have heard from multiple sources now that the iPhone 11 is doing exceedingly well. This has led Apple to look into producing an additional 8 million units of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro series for the year. While sales for the iPhone 11 Pro Max have remained flat, the 5.8-inch iPhone 11 has also done better than expected.

The strong demand for the iPhone 11 could influence Apple’s plan to switch to OLED displays for its entire 2020 iPhone lineup. The company could possibly look into sticking with an LCD display for the 2020 iPhone 11 successor so as to keep its price low. The lack of an OLED display is one of the key reasons as to why Apple is able to price the iPhone 11 lower than the iPhone 11 Pro series.

All three iPhones next year are also expected to feature 5G along with a new design which could lead to the 2020 iPhone 11 costing a bit more than the existing model. This move could end up backfiring for Apple so it would ideally be looking to retain the same $699 price tag for the 2020 iPhone 11 successor as well.

Our Take

Apple reduced the price of the iPhone 11 by $50 when compared to last year’s iPhone XR thereby bringing its price down to $699. Add in the new dual-camera system and it is not surprising that the iPhone 11 is selling like hotcakes. It offers almost the same experience as the iPhone 11 Pro series while costing $300 less than it. The handset even shares the same A13 Bionic chip and offers almost the same all-day battery life as its more expensive siblings which makes it a no-brainer.

Did you buy the iPhone 11 over the iPhone 11 Pro? If so, how are you liking the handset? Do you regret buying it due to its LCD display?

[Via DigiTimes]