Apple to Launch AR Headset, ARM-based Macs, Apple Watch with Sleep Tracking, More in 2020

Apple is reportedly looking to launch its AR smart glasses in 2020, though the product launch can be delayed if Apple decides that it needs more time to work on the product. Additionally, the company intends to launch Apple Watch with sleep tracking and ARM-based Macs next year as well.

2020 is shaping up to be a major year for Apple in terms of product launches. Apart from all the products mentioned above, the company will also launch 5G iPhones and shift its entire iPhone lineup to OLED displays. They are also expected to feature a ToF camera sensor at the rear to augment their AR-based features.

Apple has been working on ARKit for the last few years now and the addition of a T0F sensor in iPhones should help give AR apps a usability boost.

The report says that AR glasses will feature holographic display and will sync with iPhones to display incoming notifications, texts, emails, maps, and more. Apple is also considering including a dedicated App Store for the AR headset like it has recently done with the Apple Watch to foster third-party development for it. However, the company is yet to come up with any killer app or use case for the AR headset that will make people go ahead and buy it.

Xcode 11 and iOS 13 code makes plenty of references to Apple’s AR headset thereby confirming its existence. Previous reports have claimed that Apple will launch an AR headset in collaboration with third-party brands in Q2 2020.

As for Macs with ARM-based chips, they will have better power efficiency and longer battery life than their Intel counterparts. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen if these Macs will be as powerful as their Intel counterparts.

The report does not mention anything about new MacBooks from Apple featuring its new scissor-mechanism keyboard.

[Via Bloomberg]