Apple Seeds First Beta of macOS Catalina 10.15.1

macOS Catalina Screen Time

Apple today released the first developer beta of macOS Catalina 10.15.1. The release comes just a few days after macOS Catalina itself was released to the public.

This point release is likely going to be a bug-fixing one. If you are on the macOS beta program, you can grab the latest developer beta from System Preferences -> Software Update.

This beta build could also hint at some of the new Macs that Apple is working on and which the company will presumably announce at a media event in October.

While the public release of macOS Catalina is relatively stable, it does have a few lingering bugs that Apple will likely address with this point release. If the response to this bug-fixing developer beta release is positive, we will likely see Apple release it to the public later this month.

macOS Catalina is all about improvements to some core system apps and underlying changes. It does not come with any major breakthrough features that will change your workflow. However, some improvements are bound to help improve the overall quality of apps for the OS, while others will particularly benefit artists and creators. Read about some of the major new features in macOS Catalina here.