Apple’s Upcoming Tile-like Tracking Device Likely to Be Called AirTag

Apple Tag - Tile-like Tracker

We have been reading reports regarding the upcoming Tile like tracking accessory by Apple. The tracking device can be used to track personal belongings via Find My app. Thanks to iOS 13.2 we now know that Apple’s tracking device will be called “AirTag.”

A deep dive into the filesystem for iOS 13.2 confirms AirTags name. The latest accessory can be paired with the iPhone and can be used to track items. At this point in time, the folder names are more of a placeholder. In other words, we don’t know much about the tracker accessory except that it will be called “AirTag.” However, one of the assets named “Battery Swap” refers to a replaceable battery.

We are not sure whether Apple’s new tracker will depend only on ultra-wideband or will also offer Bluetooth and WiFi. The tags will be compatible with only the latest iPhones if it depends on ultra-wideband, however, if Apple decides to offer Bluetooth/WiFi then it will be compatible with all iPhones/iPads.

All said and done, it is still not clear as to when Apple will launch the AirTag. It might be launched in a couple of weeks as its already mentioned in the latest iOS. Please note that Apple can remotely update/ change placeholder. So it is not possible to predict the exact launch time frame for Apple “AirTag” trackers.

Earlier reports had confirmed that the tags are codenamed “B389.” Once released, Apple’s tracker will go at loggerheads with Tile. Apple’s tracking device is likely to make use of Ultra-wideband technology which offers a high level of accuracy and ability to measure the distance between the devices.

[via 9to5Mac]