Checkra1n iOS 13 Jailbreak May be Coming Soon

Last month, an unpatchable bootrom vulnerability — checkm8 — was discovered affecting all iPhones starting from the iPhone 5 to iPhone X which opened the way for a permanent jailbreak for these devices irrespective of which version of iOS they were running. After the initial noise though, we have not heard much from any developer in the jailbreaking scene taking advantage of checkm8.

Luca Todesco, a renowned jailbreak developer, did tease checkra1n last week but did not provide much information about it. This weekend, the official @checkra1n Twitter handle has uploaded a photo showing two iPod Touch with the Checkra1n app installed. Another picture posted by a developer working on checkra1n shows an iPhone X running ELI stage 3.

It might not look like it but it is clear that behind the scenes, a lot of work is going on to use the checkm8 exploit for a potential jailbreak for all supported iPhones and iPads. The positive thing here is that since checkm8 is a bootrom exploit, Apple cannot patch it via a software update. So any jailbreak that is based on the checkm8 exploit will also be presumably a permanent jailbreak.

Perhaps the only disappointing part here is that checkm8/checkra1n will not support newer iPhones and iPads like the iPhone XS, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11. Nonetheless, older iPhone users are definitely going to be pleased whenever the team behind checkra1n gets around to releasing a jailbreak tool for their devices.

Will you stick to your old iPhone just because there’s a possibility of jailbreaking it in the near future? Or will you upgrade to the iPhone 11/Pro for its camera performance and battery life?