Fortnite Has Been Down for Hours

If you are a Fortnite player, you are going to be surprised when you open the game today because you will be staring at a black hole. Fortnite season 10 ended with a cosmic explosion and since then the game has been inaccessible with users just staring at a black hole.

The game has been taken down by Epic Games by design i.e. they wanted Fortnite to go down when season 10 ended and they did it smartly with a cosmic explosion. The meteor that showed up at the starting of season 10 and had been static since then started acting up before destroying the entire island.

Epic Games is making this pretty dramatic as it has deleted all tweets from Fortnite’s Twitter account and its public Trello board has gone down as well. On its Twitch channel, it is just showing the black hole.

Considering that Fortnite is one of the biggest — if not the biggest — games in the world, this is a pretty bold move from Epic Games. The downtime of the game also coincides with a national holiday in the United States which means it will affect millions of players.

It is rumored that the next season of Fortnite will debut a completely new map. As of now, it is unclear as to how long the game will be down, though rumors point to Epic Games releasing chapter 2 of the game on October 15 in China.

In case you had V-bucks or purchased other in-game items, do not worry as they will be there once Fortnite is out with a new chapter.

What have you been doing now that Fortnite has been down for a few hours? Went outside? Talked to your friends and family? Or ended up playing PUBG or Call of Duty Mobile?