Google Voice Users Can Now Send Messages and Text via Siri

Google Assistant for iPhone Tips and Tricks

Google users will now be able to use Google Voice with Siri on iPhones. Yes, the feature seems to be a bit complicated. The latest Google Voice update adds Siri support to iOS.

Google users will now be able to use voice commands like “Hey Siri, call John on Google Voice.” Moreover, you can also use Google Voice to send voice messages on iOS. If you are someone who uses voice command a lot, then the feature will come in handy. Earlier, iPhone users had to use the app to access Google Voice.

In order for this to work, you will have to set a default account in the Google Voice app and then enable the option that reads “Use with Siri” in the iOS settings menu. Ironically Google Assistant still doesn’t support sending messages via Google Voice.

Google Voice service offers voice, text messaging and call forwarding services available in select countries including the U.S, Canada, Portugal, Netherlands, France, Sweden and the U.K. In all likelihood Apple’s new Callkit has helped add Siri support for Google Voice. Meanwhile, other Google apps like Maps already support Siri on iOS 13 and support Siri shortcut. Callkit uses a system-level interface that is similar to the iPhone’s call app.

The feature allows you to use Siri via Google Assistant. For instance, you can simply say “Turn on the lights, Google” and Siri will open Assistant to run the routine. We hope that Siri will start supporting Assistant control in the future.

[via Venturebeat]