HomePod Bricking For Users After Updating to iOS 13.2, Update Pulled

Apple yesterday released the iOS 13.2 software update for the HomePod that added multi-user and Handoff support to the smart speaker. However, the update seems to be bricking the HomePod for good as many users are reporting that their speaker is stuck on the booting process after the installation process.

Many users report seeing a white swirl on top of their HomePod, with the device seemingly stuck in an endless reset loop. A hard reset of the smart speaker is also not possible since the buttons on the top are not working. It was initially believed that the HomePod issue was caused by an Apple Music outage but that’s not the case as well. Apple Music is now back up and working while users are still reporting that their HomePod is stuck in an endless reset loop.

I’m on with apple support now. So the update in the beginning pretty much killed Apple Music for me, so I went to unpair it/remove from the home app. Now I have a white spinning light at the top. I have even tried the factory reset method of unplugging it for five seconds and hold till red. It doesn’t even give a prompt that it’s factory restoring and the red light just resets and white spinning again after 5 seconds…

Many users report that their HomePod bricked itself when they tried to reset it after installing the iOS 13.2 update on the HomePod. The issue is also happening even if a user tries to update their HomePod to 13.2 after installing the iOS 13.2 update on their iPhone. Apple has already pulled the HomePodOS 13.2 update. It remains to be seen though on how the company will fix the bricked HomePods. The smart speaker is probably unable to connect to any Wi-Fi network due to being stuck in an endless reboot which means it cannot download a fix for the issue remotely.

Many users who had contacted Apple Support were told to take the speaker to their nearest Apple Store for a replacement. The company has also updated its support page to reflect that one should not reset their HomePod if it is running OS 13.2.

[Via Reddit]