Improve Your iPhone’s Battery Life By Switching to Dark Mode in iOS 13

iOS 13 Dark Mode Enable iPhone

Updated your iPhone to iOS 13 and noticed an improvement in battery life? Thank the new Dark mode for that. As a video from YouTuber PhoneBuff shows, iOS 13’s Dark Mode brings about a noticeable improvement in battery life.

The test performed by PhoneBuff was done using a robotic arm so this is as precise a test as you are going to get. It has been rumored for years that Dark mode or dark wallpapers help improve the battery life of devices featuring an OLED display. This video pretty much proves that point for good. The YouTuber used an iPhone XS which has a 5.8-inch OLED display.

So how much of a difference are we talking about here? Pretty massive. After about 4 hours of testing, the iPhone XS with dark mode enabled was at 71% while the one with the light mode had gone down to a 56% — difference of 14%!

When the iPhone XS with light mode enabled died, the XS with dark mode still had 30% battery life in the tank. That’s good enough for another few hours of use.

While I did expect the iPhone XS with dark mode to run a bit longer, I did not expect the gap to be this big. This just shows that if you have an iPhone with an OLED display like the iPhone X, iPhone XS, or iPhone 11 Pro, you really should use Dark mode for maximum battery life. Sadly, for iPhones with an LCD display like the iPhone 11 or the iPhone XR, the difference is not going to be this big.

Are you using Dark mode in iOS 13 on your iPhone? If you haven’t enabled it then learn how to enable dark mode on your iPhone or iPad in iOS 13 to save battery life.

What has been your experience with Dark mode? Are you seeing reduction in battery consumption? Let me know in the comments below.