iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro Secure Top Positions in Consumer Reports Ratings

Apple iPhone has been mostly outnumbered by Samsung flagships when it comes to Consumer Report’s ratings. This time around things seems to have finally changed with iPhone 11 Pro Max topping Consumer Reports. The second place is earned by iPhone 11 Pro. Apple has changed a lot of things like better water resistance, the triple rear camera setup on new iPhones.

Consumer Reports notes that the competition between top ranks is very fierce, so much so that the first and the 10th ranked phones are separated by just 6 points. Better rankings directly translate to better features for consumers, The report says iPhone 11 Pro Max battery life is stellar and it lasted for 40.5 hours in testing. Apparently the battery life has made a lot of difference in new iPhones ranking.

Typically iPhones are known for the best camera and the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max is no different. Apple has added a camera with an ultrawide lens to all the three new iPhones. This has helped iPhone 11 Pro Max to close the gap with Samsung Galaxy S10. Furthermore, the testers also noticed the highest scores when it comes to still images and rear-video quality. The best part is that $700 iPhone 11 also figures out in the top 10 list.

iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max Plays Catchup

iPhone 11 Pro Max has finally caught up with Google Pixel by introducing Night Mode. The device also offers slofie or slow-motion selfie. Moving on, the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max offer better water resistance and come equipped with tougher glass. However, the iPhone 11 Pro failed to survive the tumbler test. In this test, the phone is dropped from a height of 2.5 feet at different angles. Then the phone is tested for damages at 50 drops followed by 100 drops.

Surprisingly the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max survived the tumbler test. The test was repeated with another iPhone 11 Pro and even the second sample broke. All said and done it is always best if you snap on a case for your iPhone 11 Pro Max.

[via Consumer Reports]