iPhone 12 Concept Envisions Ultra Retina Display with 90Hz Refresh Rate, Under-Display Face ID

With the iPhone 11 launch now behind us, the rumor mill is going to focus on Apple’s 2020 iPhones which might be called iPhone 12. Creator Mauro Battino has envisioned the iPhone 12 with some crazy features like a full-screen display, 90Hz refresh rate, and even a headphone jack!

The render envisions the iPhone 12 without the notch and featuring under-display Face ID. As for the display, it’s an Ultra Retina display with a 90Hz refresh rate and perfectly rounded corners.

An oddity in the concept is that it only features a single camera sensor at the rear that’s paired with a ToF sensor. That’s a bit odd and unlikely to happen since Apple already includes an ultra-wide angle sensor on the iPhone 11.

It also envisions the iPhone 12 as coming with an A14 Bionic chip and “one more thing:” a headphone jack. While the former is definitely a possibility, Apple is never going to bring back the headphone jack on its iPhones — be it in 2020 or the year after that.

Our Take

We are going to see a lot of iPhone concepts with a full-screen display and under-display Face ID. However, at least for the 2020 iPhones, the possibility of Apple ditching the notch in favor of a full-screen display is pretty slim. The company might be able to reduce the size of the notch but that’s about it.

As of now, there is no such technology that will allow Face ID to work from beneath the display. There are rumors of Apple working on an under-display Touch ID sensor for 2020 or 2021 iPhones, but my bet is that we are only going to see it in 2021 iPhones — that is if Apple decides to go ahead and bring it back.

Android OEMs have managed to work around the notch by adding a pop-up selfie camera on their devices. Apple, however, is unlikely to implement this as moving parts in a phone end up introducing tons of other issues.