Kuo: iPhone SE 2 Coming in Q1 2020, Similar Design as iPhone 8

Reputed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple will launch an updated iPhone SE 2 in the first quarter of 2020. The updated iPhone SE will have a design that’s similar to the iPhone 8, though it will come with faster internals.

Kuo believes Apple will ship the iPhone SE 2 with its latest A13 Bionic chip and 3GB RAM. This will be a massive upgrade over the iPhone SE’s A9 chip which launched in 2016. The analyst expects Apple to ship around 30-40 million units of the handset in 2020 and help in increasing its market share.

If the iPhone SE 2 does indeed end up coming with a design similar to the iPhone 8, it would mean that it will feature glass panels at the front and back sandwiching an aluminum chassis. This could potentially allow Apple to include wireless charging feature on the device as well.

The iPhone 8 ships with a 4.7-inch display while the iPhone SE has a 4-inch screen. Since Kuo expects the iPhone SE 2 as an ideal upgrade for all existing iPhone 6 owners, it is possible that we will see Apple bump the display size of the iPhone SE 2 to 4.7-inches. Since the updated iPhone SE will be a budget handset, it will continue to feature Touch ID instead of Face ID.

Our Take

Despite its age, there is still a pretty substantial demand for the iPhone SE. Apple started selling refurbished units of the iPhone SE through its clearance store earlier this year and the device went out of stock almost immediately.

An updated iPhone SE will definitely help Apple in attracting customers in price-conscious markets and customers who prefer a small iPhone.

Are you looking forward to Apple launching an updated iPhone SE 2?

[Via MacRumors]