Kuo: iPhone SE 2 Will Launch at the End of March 2020

Ming-Chi Kuo believes the iPhone SE 2 will go on sale towards the end of March 2020 and enter into mass production in January 2020. The analyst had claimed a similar production and launch timeframe for the iPhone SE 2 previously as well.

Apple does tend to hold a media event or launch new devices towards the end of March so this timeframe fits in perfectly as well.

As per Kuo, the iPhone SE 2 will be based on the iPhone 8 but feature updated internals. It will include an A13 Bionic chip, a 4.7-inch display, Touch ID, 64/128GB storage, and 3GB RAM. While there’s no information on the camera, the iPhone SE 2 will probably come with a 12MP f/1.8 shooter with OIS as seen on the newer iPhones. Apple is unlikely to adopt a dual-camera system on the phone due to size and price constraints. Rumors peg the iPhone SE 2 to start from $399 making it the cheapest offering from Apple by a fair margin.

It is unclear if Apple will refer to this device as the iPhone SE 2 or not since it will come with a bigger display than the iPhone SE. This move might disappoint a lot of existing iPhone SE owners since they prefer it for its smaller form factor. The iPhone SE might be old in the run but it continues to have its own fan base due to its size and form factor which many consumers find extremely handy.

The $399 price tag and the small form factor should make the iPhone SE 2 a popular upgrade option for existing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s owners who are on a tight budget and looking for an upgrade. Apple is expected to ship around 2-4 million units of the iPhone SE 2 every month.