macOS Catalina Is Causing Issues with Select eGPUs

The Blackmagic eGPU Pro

macOS Catalina is apparently breaking many apps. Users have reported that they are facing problems after updating to macOS Catalina with eGPU. Their Macs are not able to drive eGPU as before. Needless to say, the issue has something to do with the Catalina update.

Some users also reported an issue wherein they were unable to boot up with a display connected to the eGPU unit. However, the Mac will start without a fuss when connected directly to an external monitor. Meanwhile, some users are reporting that their Mac is freezing. We have come across many posts in Reddit wherein Catalina users are facing compatibility issues with apps like Photoshop.

Typically the compatibility issue occurs with AMD Radeon 570 and Radeon 580 series cards on Mac mini. On the other hand, AMD Vega GPUs are working fine. Most importantly there is no way you can fix the issue (until and unless you are prepared to ditch your eGPU unit.) Interestingly even eGPU’s mentioned on Apple’s official support are exhibiting compatibility issues.

As of now, there is no way you can fix the issue. All we can do is wait for Apple to issue a patch. At this point in time, the company has not commented or released a statement on the issue. Apple has stopped supporting 32-bit apps starting from Catalina and perhaps this has something to do with the issue at hand.

So here is the catch, the issue is affecting only select eGPU models. Apple might fix the issue if popular eGPU models are affected, however, users are worried that the issue might not be fixed if it is affecting a handful of less popular eGPU’s. That being said, the issue is widely reported across many eGPU models and hopefully, Apple will fix the same.