macOS Catalina Upgrade Bricking Older Macs

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There are limited reports from Mac owners of the macOS Catalina upgrade bricking their Mac for good. The issue is happening due to the Catalina upgrade corrupting the EFI firmware of these Macs which makes any possible recovery difficult.

The issue seems to only affect older Macs that make use of EFI firmware. Affected Macs end up showing a folder with a question mark icon in the middle after trying to boot for almost 5 minutes. Customers have not had much help from the Apple Store, with geniuses pointing to a logic board replacement as the only possible solution.

Hey, me too. 2014 MacBook Pro 13. Same exact issue. It seems the update must have corrupted the firmware on the logic board since it no longer recognizes key combos. I had a call with Apple support last night. Couldn’t get anything to work. He said it was a hardware problem not caused by the update. But I don’t agree at all. My computer was perfectly fine until I attempted to install Catalina.

The issues have been sporadically reported by Mac owners on Apple’s support forums. Since not a lot of users are affected, it is understandable as to why this issue has not caught Apple’s attention yet.

The issue seems to affect Mac owners trying to upgrade to the latest stable release of macOS Catalina as well as the latest beta release. In case your Mac has also bricked itself while trying to install the Catalina update, you can take it to a third-party repair shop and ask them to rewrite the EFI firmware to the logic board which should help bring your machine back to life.

[Via 9to5Mac]