Developers Say Porting iPad Apps to Mac with Catalyst Not Easy, Customers Burdened with Double Charges

Apple has been touting the Catalyst feature for Mac since quiet some time. The Project Catalyst aims at helping developers port iPad Apps into Mac apps. The company has been stressing on how easy it is to port the iPad apps into Mac apps, however, developers beg to differ.

Bloomberg has reported that developers are feeling uneasy and intimidated by double work for iPad and Mac apps. The idea behind Project Catalyst is very simple, developers will be able to build an app that will run across all Apple devices. The first iteration of Project Catalyst has shaken up the developer community and users are frustrated that they have to pay twice for the same app. In other words, users have to pay double price for an app being used on both Mac and iPad.

Steven Troughton-Smith, Apple developer told Bloomberg, “As a user, I don’t want to pay again just to have the same app,” “As a developer, I don’t want my users to have to make that decision.”

One might argue that developers are compensated for the extra work since users are required to pay twice. However, consumers might not understand the nuances, especially since Apple is advertising that porting iPad apps for macOS is easy. Ironically, Apple wanted to make it easier for developers to publish a universal app, however, the reality seems to be start opposite as what was promised earlier. Customers are likely to be put off when asked to pay twice for the same app.

Our Take

Apple needs to handle the shortcomings of Project Catalyst. Either the porting process should be as easy as Apple claims it to be or they need to introduce an alternative. Smaller developers will face the heat as customers will not like paying twice for the same app. That apart, Google devices don’t face the same issue and once purchased on the Play Store, the app can be run on any Google device.

[via Bloomberg]